Easter Baskets – Cans


The perfect drinking glass for iced coffee, Boba tea, Hot Chocolate or a glass of water and a lemon slice!
Can be the perfect gift for an Iced coffee/ tea lover that loves to drink in style.

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16 oz Frosted Glass Can with Bamboo Lid and Clear Straw


– Design is applied on the glasses by sublimation and is permanently printed on the glass that will not fade or peel.

– Not dishwasher safe.

**Recommend washing the bamboo lid with dish soap (DO NOT SOAK) and leave it out to dry as this helps to avoid mold and prolong its life.

*** Actual product color may differ slightly from colors on your monitor

READY TO SHIP in 2-4 BUSINESS days from day of order.

Additional information

Weight16 oz
Dimensions6 × 6 × 4 in
Cup Designs

1. Happy Easter, 2. Yellow Bunny, 3. Bunny Basket, 4. Basket, 5. Basket, 6. Happy Easter, 7. Bunny, 8. Dessert Basket, 9. Basket, 10. Basket, 11. Flower Basket, 12. Flower Basket, 13. Dessert Basket, 14. Gnome Basket, 15. Flower Basket, 16. Flower Basket, 17. Bunny Boy, 18. Pink Bunny, 19. Easter Sheep, 20. Happy Easter Chick, 21. Happy Easter Bunny, 22. Flower Basket, 23. White Bunny Basket, 24. Flower Basket, 25. Happy Easter Chick, 26. Blue Basket, 27. Happy Easter Basket, 28. Flower Basket, 29. Bunny Girl, 30. Happy Easter Bunny, 31. Happy Easter Chick, 32. Eggs Basket, 33. Bunny Basket, 34. Bunny, 35. Chocolate Basket, 36. Rainbow Basket, 37. Eggs Basket, 38. Flower Basket, 39. Bunny Boy, 40. Basket, 41. Gnome Easter, 42. Bunny, 43. Bunny Basket, 44. Egg Basket


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