DHS Coaster (Department of Homeland Security)


Great Souvenir Coaster if you work for Homeland Security or maybe a gift for someone you know does!



3.5″ Square Glass Coasters

Made of clear glass

Bottoms have rubber feet to prevent slipping

All text on the glass coasters is etched and made to last!

**Dishwasher safe



Please notify me for any Returns/Refunds

Additional information

Weight8 oz
Dimensions6 × 9 × 1 in
Coaster Variations

A-Candle, B-Holly, C-Bells, D-Wreath, E-Candy Cane, F-Skate, G-Ginger Bread Man, H-Deer, I-Snowflake1, J-Snowflake2, K-Snowflake3, L-Snowflake4, M-HoHoHo, N-Joy Holly, O-Joy Ornament, P-Joy Snowflake, Q-Let it Snow1, R-Let it snow2, S-Christmas Tree1, T-Christmas Tree2, U-Ornament Candy Canes, V-Ornament Stripes, W-Ornament Snowflakes, X-2 Ornaments, Y-Snowman1, Z-Snowman2, A2-Snowman3, B2-Snowman4, C2-Merry Christmas Tree, D2-Merry Christmas Holly, E2-Merry Christmas Wreath, F2-Present1, G2-Present2, H2-Present3


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